The 2022 Diversity Impact Award winners have been announced! 

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The Diversity Impact Awards leverages application responses and internal survey scores from your organization to determine the winners of the Top 25 ERGs, Top 10 Enterprise-Wide ERGs, Top 10 Diversity Action.

Applications for the 2022 Diversity Impact Awards are now closed.

Want to learn about the Diversity Impact Awards application process?

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How To Apply for the Diversity Impact Awards

Only one individual can submit the application.

Choose an award (one award per application):

  • Top 25 ERG Award
  • Top 10 Strategic or Enterprise-Wide ERG
  • Top 10 Diversity Action

Five Tips for Success

  • Document why you believe your group deserves an award for your initiative.
  • Impact Mapping – map out how the work you did impacts individuals, your company and/or external stakeholders. You only need to address one level to apply. If your initiative has impact at multiple levels, you could get additional points.
  • Determine how your initiative impacts talent management, culture or organization vitality
  • The focus of your application can be on overall achievement (can span multiple years culminating in 2021) or a new initiative that you implemented in 2021.

The goal is to recognize actions that lead to new learning and best practices.

2020 and 2021 applicants may use their previous login credentials to access the 2022 application process.

After you agree to the terms and conditions and provide the number of ERG members, ERG Leaders or managers (depending on the award category), we will provide everything you need to administer a simple survey:

  • If applying for the Top 25 ERG Award, a survey link is sent to ERG members.
  • If applying for the Top 10 Strategic or Enterprise-Wide ERG Award, the survey link goes to ERG leaders across ERGs.
  • If applying for the Top 10 Diversity Award, a survey link is sent to a sample of managers in the company or business unit. An on-line calculator to determine sample size is included.

This survey will also provide company-specific benchmarking data to be shared with your leadership team after the Diversity Impact Award Ceremony.

Part of the core application includes the option to upload a 3-minute video.
This is an optional but an encouraged and unique way to share your story.

Directions for uploading the video are on the Upload Video tab within the application. You can upload any time before the application closes. Simply go back into the application, navigate to the upload video tab and then upload at any time.

This 3-minute video is your opportunity to supplement the core story you shared within the application.

The 3-minute story does not have to be a professional video; in fact, we expect most or all will not be. You can do a selfie video on your phone and tell your story, use a Webex, Zoom or a comparable webinar tool, get your team online, and tell your story together – just record and submit your story.

We want you to have fun with this part of the application. Enjoy and let your creativity flow!

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Top 25 ERGs

Top 10 Diversity Action

Top 10 Enterprise-Wide ERGs

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