The 2022 Diversity Impact Award winners have been announced! 

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Diversity Impact Model™

The impact model is a lens for studying how a diversity intervention works in an organization. It is based on years of research interviewing executives about the key outcomes they are seeking from diversity programs, learning from prior competitions and work from a long-term research study conducted by Dr. Theresa M. Welbourne. Her research has been done with employees in hundreds of companies around the world.

The model focuses on the domain areas where executives are seeking improvement (talent management, culture and vitality, which focuses on forward movement, momentum, improvement and growth). These outcomes are then considered from three perspectives, having a positive impact on individuals (employees, sponsors, ERG members, etc.), the organization overall (or organizational unit) and external stakeholders (customers, vendors, community)

By integrating the extensive years of experience from prior competitions with a scientifically validated model, the new awards program will provide all participants with a more robust data-driven experience and outcomes that they can share with senior executives and ERG members. Additionally, the new awards program moves from 25 awards to a total of 45 awards, providing additional learning, examples and opportunities.

Learning and Development

Actions that have impact on employee personal professional development, learning for managers and executive sponsors, new knowledge for ERG members, ERG leader development, learning about the business and strategy, learning related to diversity and inclusion overall.

Engagement and Authenticity

Initiatives that make this a great place to work for individuals, each employee’s ability to be ‘myself’ at work, my ability to express myself and be open about my ideas at work, opportunities for individuals to engage in new activities at work.

Innovation and Energy

Programs that energize and motivate employees, training on and opportunities to innovate and to be part of teams that are innovating, empowering me to do things that make me feel more positive and energized.

Recruitment, Selection and Retention

Programs/process/strategy for the organization’s overall recruitment and selection of new employees, the internal employee promotion process, retention of high-performing employees and attracting/retaining a diverse population of employees.

Culture and Inclusion

Actions and processes that exhibit an environment that is inclusive, maintaining an environment where employees of all backgrounds feel they belong, and exhibiting an atmosphere for employees to be active allies of under-represented groups. Leadership at all levels support a culture of inclusion.

Measurable Organization Outcomes

Actions and initiatives that support a high-performance organization, Improving bottom-line outcomes such as sales, profit and growth, effectively using ERG budgets to deliver positive results for the organization, measuring and publishing the financial return on the activities our ERG conducted during the year.

Creating Outside Connections and Actions

Programs and actions for working with the community outside the organization, driving initiatives and participation in activities that drive positive community outcomes, identifying and involving employees in important community initiatives

Organization Brand

Setting positive examples for how outsiders view the culture of the organization, supporting a positive impression people have of our organization overall, promoting our organization’s brand in the market.

Improving Customer Relations

Initiating improvement and suggestions to maintain and enhance the way the customer thinks about our organization, initiate and drive positive customer relationships, and support stronger positive connections to the customer.

© 2016-2022 Dr. Theresa M. Welbourne, with rights assigned to Talent Dimensions for the Diversity Impact Awards™ program. Diversity Impact Model and Diversity Impact Awards are trademarks of Talent Dimensions, Inc.

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